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About Iprod

IPROD is a leading creator, developer, and producer of prime-time, non-scripted television entertainment in the Arab world.

We have more than 10 years of experience developing original programs and working with producers worldwide to adapt their visions to Arab television audiences...

So that we entertain, educate, inspire.

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Original Formats

  • Nothing provides the momentum needed to produce transcendent television like a creator’s passion for her idea. IPROD brings this passion, as well as professionalism and expert skill, to our original formats that can be tailored for Arab and global markets.

  • Our in-depth knowledge of the Middle East marketplace, combined with our exposure to Western productions and news trends, gives us excellent judgment when adapting foreign formats for Arab audiences. We’re the content people. We know how to choose the right format at the right time to develop culturally appropriate, innovative, and exciting television.

  • We provide key executive production services, such as location scouting, casting, and post-production, as well as product-placement consulting for televised and online programming. We can also work with advertisers to create or adapt formats to endorse a product or service. Whether you’re a regional broadcaster or a foreign production company, our team and network of talented, reliable, and experienced freelancers will produce stand-out programming—editorially, technically, and artistically—every time.