Janane Mallat

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  • Her specialty: Pushing people out of their comfort zone
  • Her definition of television: A means of expression to change the world
  • Her favorite quote: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” – Maya Angelou
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For more than 20 years, Janane Mallat has been a pioneering producer and content creator, as well as a point of reference in the regional acquisition and adaptation of international formats that have changed the face of Middle Eastern television.

Janane’s journey in television began as director of programming in 1988 at the French-speaking station C33, then part of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) network. She moved into the production arena in 1995 – a ring so far reserved for men – and soon became the driving force behind the most popular and ground-breaking Arab TV shows to date.

Faithful to her commitment and belief in social TV, Janane addressed the thorny subject of AIDS, in the documentary “Badriyye”, for which she received the CNN International Best Medical Report. Soon after she embarked on “El Shater Yehki,” which means “May the smart one speak,” a live magazine for which she was awarded the UNDP Best Media Award. Following her two years’ engagement in social TV, Janane changed course to work on “Ya Leil Ya Ein,” an adaptation of the French variety show “La Fureur du Samedi Soir”.

In 2003, Janane left LBCI to found IPROD, one of the first women-owned and operated production companies in the region. Over the past ten years, IPROD has emerged as a leading producer, developer, and creator of prime time non-scripted television formats, working with major regional networks such as MBC and MTV, as well as European cultural channel ARTE.

IPROD acquired the reputation of being a deliverer of quality television content, producing high profile shows such as The Biggest Loser for MBC, and Dancing With The Stars for MTV.

In addition to bringing expert production services to its core offerings, IPROD benefits from Janane’s interest in human nature and motivation to produce socially conscious work that entertains, educates, and most of all, inspires. Known for challenging her casts and crews, they also appreciate her ability to bring out the best in people and programming, creatively and technically.

With more than 1500 TV hours spanning multiple genres to her name, Janane’s commitment to television remains absolute. She is currently poised to take IPROD from being a producer of Western formats to creator of brand new ideas.